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Sustainable Fitness Coach


Kevin Wood

At Furyu Athletics we understand fitness and health as an exercise in self improvement. All self improvement practices are going to involve encountering a swirl of internal and external resistance. We expect and respect this as part of the process and appreciate you as a human being, not some walking math equation. 

Transforming your health and body into the best version of yourself demands hard work, discipline and precision. More importantly it means being real, vulnerable and often requires changing the stories we tell ourselves about our identity and ultimate potential. 

We help you rewrite your story by providing a truly exceptional training experience that empowers you to get razor focused on the actions and commitments that enables you to achieve your goals. We deliver mobile training services to your home, office gym, or local training studio. We specialize in helping you move better, get stronger, and be more confident… safely and effectively.

No pains, all gains!

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Sustainable Fitness Coach June 11, 2018